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Bring a Spending Planner in your organisation and give your employees the keys to financial wellness

With our turn-key financial wellness program for employees, your staff can learn a key life skill, reduce their stress and increase their productivity.

Financial Stress has a significant impact on employee productivity and retention. See Forbes article: What Employees’ Financial Unwellness Is Costing Their Companies

Tailored Spending Solutions provides  a range of educational tools and services to help reduce financial stressors, increase the financial literacy and behaviour of your staff.

Financial wellness program for employees

Financial Wellness Questions for your Organisation

1. What are the top personal financial challenges for your employees?   
How prepared are  they to handle debt, budgeting, retirement, investing, planning for the unexpected and the  financial implications of other life events?

 2. Are financial concerns becoming a distraction for employees and increasing their stress at work?

3. What percentage of your Staff resign to get a better paid position?

4. Do you monitor the number of Staff who have their wages garnisheed? 

5. Do you currently offer a Financial Wellness (or Well‐Being) program?

If yes, how effective are your benefits, education, and assistance programs in  addressing and preventing employee financial issues?  

If not, would conducting a financial wellness survey with your employees be beneficial  to determine their level of knowledge and interest in financial wellness? 


We offer the following services for businesses and organisations of all sizes:

1) Financial Wellness Information Session tailored for groups ranging from 5 to 50+ Employees

2) Articles that can be included in your organisation’s newsletters

3) Online questions and answers on Financial Wellness

4) Individual Spending Plans developed for employees

With our turn-key financial wellness program, your employees can learn a key life skill, reduce their stress and increase their productivity.

Andrew Smith
Spending Planner

Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Wellness involves the process of learning how to successfully manage financial expenses. Money plays a critical role in our lives and not having enough of it impacts health as well as academic performance.

Frequently Asked Questions


Financial wellbeing (also called Financial Wellness)  is when a person is able to meet all their expenses, is in control of their finances and feels financially secure, now and in the future.

If your employees are enjoying Financial Wellness, it means that they are less likely to be worried or distracted by their financial problems. This has the flow on effect of reduced financial stress, which reduces stress sick leave. This also allows the employee to focus their full attention on their role and assigned tasks thus making them more productive.

Another benefit of a financially secure employee is that they are less likely to be searching for higher paid roles which they may see as the only solution to solving their financial stress.

The implementation of a Financial Wellness program can lead to a reduction in sick leave related to stress (caused by their financial situation) and an  increase in productivity.

Reduced sick leave and financial stress can allow employees to focus on their roles and tasks, which in turn has a favourable impact on employee productivity.

It may also have a significant  impact on employee turnover rate and the need to employ additional casual employees.

A Spending Planner provides individual guidance and education to employees who are suffering financial stress.
In addition they can provide Financial Wellness education sessions for groups of employees, and information  (eg: articles on financial wellness, saving tips, etc) to be distributed to employees via organisation newsletters, internal emails, etc.

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