About Tailored Spending Solutions

At Tailored Spending Solutions, we help people take control of their finances by a combination of financial education and practical training in the development of individual spending plans.

Tailored Spending Solutions also provides financial wellness programs for businesses and organisations of all sizes and their employees.

We offer:

Meet your Spending Planner

Hi! I’m Andrew, 

I am a Spending Planner.
I help people take control of their finances and reach their lifestyle goals by providing financial education, practical training and assistance in developing their own spending plan. 

I have spent the first part of my career as a Human Resources and Payroll Manager in the NSW Public Health Sector. During that time, l found that what l liked most about my job was interacting with Staff and Managers, assisting them to resolve issues related to their finances and other employment related issues.
I found that I got real satisfaction when Staff told me they now understood how to resolve the issues that they originally came to me with.

In 2018, I decided that, after 34 years in the HR sector, I would make it my main focus to help people achieve their financial independence.
I became a certified Spending Planner and I offer sessions for individuals to:

  • Get a clear picture of their spending & debts
  • Identify what changes are required in their spending habits
  • Educate on best financial practices  
  • Give the tools  & strategies to get their finances in control
  • Provide on-going mentoring to help them progress on a path of financial freedom.

I also provide turn-key programs for businesses and organisations of all sizes to empower their staff with healthy budgeting skills.

Book a free discovery call now or call Andrew on 0407 540 576 for a consultation.